Compressor Product Line

Our compressors reduce energy for a cleaner environment

Working together, our focus at TACG and TICA is manufacturing the highest quality Variable Displacement Automotive Air Conditioning Compressors used in the automobile industry today. We pride ourselves on the engineering excellence behind our state-of-the-art automated machinery that carries out the highly proficient production of approximately 5 million compressors a year. Every step in our manufacturing process is designed to yield high quality with the greatest possible elimination of waste.

The side-by-side operations of TACG and TICA in one location allow us to leverage synergies and cost efficiencies. We are proud of our role in developing lean manufacturing techniques under the Toyota Production System (TPS) that is modeled throughout the world.

Variable Displacement Compressors are the heart of a vehicle’s air conditioning system. The Variable Displacement enables the compressor to require less fuel without sacrificing power. Our compressors pressurize refrigerant gas into a liquid that is cycled through a sealed air conditioning system in a repeated process of vaporization (evaporation), liquefaction, and re-vaporization. The evaporation process is what keeps you cool inside your vehicle during hot weather – and keeps you warm in colder months.

Electronic Products Line

In 2020, we added our DC-AC Inverter assembly division. We are excited to continue to grow this new sector of our business here in Jackson County, Georgia.

DC-AC inverters convert DC electricity from the main battery into an alternate current (AC), enabling the use of household appliances within automobiles and other vehicles.

Inverters essentially enable an individual to power electronic devices and appliances away from a main power source (similar to a generator) – allowing drivers to be more efficient on and off the road.